Easter Sunday: Freedom from the Wrong Obsession

I'm Obsessing about the Wrong Stuff!

Freedom from the Wrong Obsession
Easter is message of freedom for non-believers. A message of truth that liberates one's soul. A saving message that removes eternal doubt. The Resurrection of Christ can change everything. It can be a new start, a second start to LIFE for anyone, absolutely anyone. Jesus was dead, but now ALIVE!

I am reminded this morning that Easter is also a message to every follower of Christ about the same things: Liberation and Freedom! It is not an old message already absorbed and fully lived out. It is a message that demands being lived out every year, every day, every moment. For me this morning these words from J.D. Greear have challenged me to live the Easter message out. I mean really live it out! Fully free, fully liberated! Jesus has given me the gift of freedom, his approval, and presence in my life. I must live it!
"When you are satisfied with God's presence and approval in your life, you will no longer obsess about what everyone else thinks about you. You can quit hiding your faults and start living with authenticity, letting people see the real you—the 'you' with all the faults and warts—because you no longer depend on their admiration for personal fulfillment. It is a revolutionary, liberating truth: in Christ, you have all you need for everlasting joy. His approval and presence are all that you need for life and happiness." — J. D. Greear
Let this Easter be a new start for you. Leave behind the prison of your own demands and desire for acceptance and begin a brand new liberating life in Christ with His approval and presence as all you need!

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  1. Been a long time brother and I'm blessed to know you're still here blessing people with your blog.

    God bless!


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