Easter Sunday: Freedom from the Wrong Obsession

I'm Obsessing about the Wrong Stuff!

Freedom from the Wrong Obsession
Easter is message of freedom for non-believers. A message of truth that liberates one's soul. A saving message that removes eternal doubt. The Resurrection of Christ can change everything. It can be a new start, a second start to LIFE for anyone, absolutely anyone. Jesus was dead, but now ALIVE!

I am reminded this morning that Easter is also a message to every follower of Christ about the same things: Liberation and Freedom! It is not an old message already absorbed and fully lived out. It is a message that demands being

Top 20 List of My Favorite Free Online Bible Reading and Study Tools

Here we are at the start of a new year. More and more each year I find myself using the Internet to read and study the Bible. There are a lot of free online Bible reading and study tools that can be a great help in learning more about God's Word. Here is a list of my top 20 Bible reading and study online resources broken down by category.

Bible Reading

Here are some places online where you can read the Bible comfortably. Websites with a high readability and usability online or via a mobile device.
  1. YouVersion - Read Online or on a Mobile Device. Find me here on YouVersion.
  2. Bible Gateway - Read Online or on a Mobile Device
  3. ebible - Read Online

Bible Study

Here are some more websites where you can

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