Top 20 List of My Favorite Free Online Bible Reading and Study Tools

Here we are at the start of a new year. More and more each year I find myself using the Internet to read and study the Bible. There are a lot of free online Bible reading and study tools that can be a great help in learning more about God's Word. Here is a list of my top 20 Bible reading and study online resources broken down by category.

Bible Reading

Here are some places online where you can read the Bible comfortably. Websites with a high readability and usability online or via a mobile device.
  1. YouVersion - Read Online or on a Mobile Device. Find me here on YouVersion.
  2. Bible Gateway - Read Online or on a Mobile Device
  3. ebible - Read Online

Bible Study

Here are some more websites where you can
read the Bible with access to in depth footnotes and commentaries.
  1. Biblia - Online or Mobile view available.
  2. Biblos - Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages
  3. ESVonline - Online version of the new ESV Study Bible. Highlight verses and add notes.
  4. StudyLight- Easy to use with some great free commentaries and devotionals. New Website Design
  5. Blue Letter Bible - Great commentaries, dictionaries, and audio/video library. New iphone/ipad app

Daily Plans, Guides, and Devotionals

Here are some websites that help you establish a regular Bible reading habit. Resources that help you establish a reading plan and encourage you along daily.
  1. Encounter with God - Through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in five years, reading 10-20 verses per day.
  2. You Version Reading Plans - E100 on YouVersion
  3. Discovery - Each day's reading covers 10-15 verses, just the right amount for people on the go. Discovery covers representative portions of every Bible book in a four-year cycle.
  4. E100 Challenge - E100 Planner in PDF format
  5. Daily Audio Bible - Great audio resource and community. Listen to the Bible cover to cover, a little each day.
  6. Essential Jesus Challenge - I have been working through these essential passages that focus on Jesus.
  7. Our Daily Bread on Facebook - This Facebook application displays each day's reading from "Our Daily Bread" onto your Facebook profile daily.
  8. Bible Gateway Comprehensive Bible Reading Plan (365 Days) - Through the Bible in a year. It takes only about fifteen minutes a day.

How to Bible Help

These are great free resources that can help you start and grow your Bible reading discipline and further your study.
  1. Bible Reading Start-up Guide - This E-Book provides practical tips, personal encouragement and proven resources to help make daily Bible reading and prayer come alive.
  2. How to Read the Bible - From the NLT Bible website.
  3. Keep Pressing In -Great blog post about continuing to read even when you feel disconnected or bogged down in the tough parts of the Bible.
  4. Arcing: John Piper on How He Studies the Bible - Learn more about a great in depth Bible study technique called Arcing.
    Take your time, a little each day, and enjoy your time reading the words of God in the Bible. It will change you.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Great post, Thanks! :)

    2. Please edit the title of the post.

    3. That's a little embarrassing. Thanks Mikes!

    4. Good Afternoon Brad

      I am writing to see if you would be open to including in you list. offers Bible reading plans through our website, along with a number of resources we have developed to compliment the plans. We believe we have an incredible tool for those looking to get in the Word and are hoping you would partner with us to promote our Bible reading plans.

      The following gives a brief overview of OWNit365: was developed to help people successfully read, enjoy, and apply the Bible to their lives. Two unique reading plans are offered – a “Whole Bible Plan” and “New Testament Plus.” Both plans are six days a week and note a family section for discussion. The Whole Bible plan takes you through the entire Bible in a year with two readings per day (one from the Old Testament and one from the Wisdom Books or New Testament). The New Testament Plus plan takes you through the New Testament in a year (based upon authorship) along with an Old Testament chapter each week (referenced by the New Testament).

      We would love to direct people to the OWNit365 mobile app. To download the Android and/or iPhone app go here: . We also have a version of the app available for the iPad, and our plans can be found on YouVersion.

      We have also launched a "Beta Program for Church Partners" that is completely free of charge. For more information go here: .

      On, we have developed a number of Struggle Videos, Experience Guides, videos for each book of the Bible, Dinner Discussion Guides (for family interaction), etc. We want to get the word out that these resources are available. We would love and appreciate your help in this endeavor.

      Should you have questions please contact our communications director, Jami Campbell, by phone at 913-814-7224 or via email at

      Thank you for considering partnering with and promoting

      Joseph Hillman
      Social Media Volunteer

    5. You should also include David Servant's daily VIDEO devotional on your page. There aren't any video daily devotionals out there except his and I think it is a pretty good one.

    6. Thanks Elisabeth, I will check it out. Here's a link:


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