E100: 019 | Remember God Saves

"In today’s reading we learn about the Passover – the killing of all first-born sons and first-born male animals in Egypt by God. This act served as God’s judgement on the Egyptians for their horrible mistreatment of the Israelites. It also served as a reminder to the Israelites that it was God who had set them free." (New Zealand's Rhema Radio)

Read Exodus 12:1-12:42 | (ESV)

"Always remember this day. For all time to come, you and your children after you must celebrate this day as a feast in honor of the Lord. It is a law that will last forever.

... "Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread. I brought you out of Egypt on this very day like an army on the march. It is a law that will last for all time to come.

... "Your children will ask you, 'What does this holy day mean to you?' Tell them, 'It's the Passover sacrifice in honor of the Lord. He passed over the houses of the people of Israel in Egypt. He spared our homes when he struck the Egyptians down.' "

... The Lord kept watch that night to bring them out of Egypt. So on that same night every year all of the Israelites must keep watch. They must do it to honor the Lord for all time to come. (Exodus 12:14, 17-18, 26-27, 42, New International Reader's Version)
Always Remember. The Lord doesn't forget but humans do, so the Lord created a marker for his people, the Israelites. God instituted a feast, a celebration to take place each year, a holiday, to help them mark this event forever, to help them remember what took place in Egypt - God freed his people from slavery.

The Passover Feast was established by God as a sign post pointing back to a very specific event and forward to another very specific event that will take place on Calvary. Jesus, the only Son of God, hung on a cross providing away for the wrath of God to pass over all those who are willing to acknowledge their own failure, their very own sin, turn away from it, and believe in Jesus.

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