Essential 100 (E100) Bible Reading Challenge Redux

What to start a journey? Develop a new habit? A habit that will give you insight on life from the very Creator of it?
There are many great Bible reading plans out there. Some read straight through in manageable bites while others mix a passage of the Old Testament with a passage from the New Testament. Still more divide scriptures into various themes or topics.

Enjoy a walk through the Bible with Scripture Union's Essential 100 plan. The E100 Challenge is a great way to go through the bible picking up the big picture of God's plan.
"The E100 is a carefully selected list of short Bible passages--50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. The passages are usually one to two chapters in length and can easily be read in 10 minutes or less."

"The Bible Reading Plan People Love to Complete!"
(from the Essential 100 website)
I have to admit much of my life I have struggled with relating to the accounts recorded in the Bible. They have often seemed distant and confusing. Don't get me wrong certain passages have hit me hard, even convicted me and made me think seriously about my life and actions, but on the whole especially in the Old testament I just felt like I was missing something.

Biblephoto creditThe Old Testament has always been difficult for me to relate to and as a result, in the past, I have tended to ignore it. I am discovering that the more I examine it, test it, and put it into the context of God's love the more I can relate to it and understand it. With the help of the E100 Bible Reading Challenge I have felt more like I am getting "it" - the big picture of God's plan. It has helped me plug the details into the overall will of God.

Join me on this journey. A journey that can open our eyes wide and understand life from the Creator's perspective. Join me on this journey in developing or refreshing a daily Bible reading habit.

Here are the posts corresponding to each of the 100 passage readings I have completed to date.

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