Shiny New Things

We have all had that experience where some shiny brand new "thing" has captured our mind, perhaps even our heart.

We think about having something, we do some research, we save our money, we plan for the purchase, and the day comes and we buy it. I don't know, maybe that new car, new laptop, new mobile device, house, TV, bicycle, cell phone, lawn mower, those new high efficiency washer and dryers, etc...

We enjoy this brand new very cool thing. We take care of it, we love it, we tell others about it. But what happens over time? The newness fades, our enjoyment fades, maybe it even stops working correctly, needs to be repaired, or eventually even breaks beyond repair. We sell it or throw it out. The enjoyment had faded a while back.

In the meantime something else, or sometimes several other things have caught our attention, we begin thinking about them, researching them, saving our money, and so on...

Those things we see all around, those things we want, those things that catch our attention, our imagination, and sometimes even

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