I Believe Help Me Jesus with My Unbelief

Sometimes you hear something that just clicks. Something that is exactly how you feel. This happened to me on Sunday during the message given at Valley View Community Church. Bruce Carter has been leading us over the past 5 months through a series titled "The Good News of Jesus: As Told By Mark." We are in Chapter 9 just after the Transfiguration. Jesus along with the disciples Peter, James, & John have just hiked down off the mountain after an incredible experience and walk into the middle of an argument. Apparently some of the disciples had tried to drive an evil spirit out of a boy, but failed. Now the disciples and some teachers of the law were arguing. The father of the boy was desperate and now very discouraged.

Check out the account as recorded by Mark. Read Mark 9:14-29. You can also find this account in Matthew 17:14-18 and Luke 9:38-43.

I find the interaction between Jesus and the father fascinating.

"How long has he been like this?"
Boy's father:
"From childhood. It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us."
"If you can? Everything is possible for one who believes."
Boy's father:
"I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"

The following is what Bruce Carter said about this encounter in his message on Sunday.

I love this man's response. It's so sincere. It's so honest. It's so real. And I can relate to it. That's how I so often feel about my faith. I believe, Jesus, help me overcome my unbelief.

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead. I believe that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God and one day is coming back to set up his kingdom on this earth. I believe that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I believe that Jesus has forgiven my sin and given me eternal life and brought me into his kingdom. I believe all that.

But can I trust Jesus to guide my life? Can I trust Jesus to take care of my kids? Can I trust Jesus to pay the bills? Can I trust Jesus will not give me any more than I can bear? Can I trust Jesus to steer the bike we talked about a few weeks ago? Can I trust Jesus with my unanswered questions and the things I don't understand? Can I trust Jesus that it's worth denying myself, taking up my cross, and following him? Can I trust Jesus for those things? Lord I believe, help me overcome my unbelief."

Then after this father's response Jesus drives the evil spirit out of his boy.
When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene, he rebuked the evil spirit. "You deaf and mute spirit," he said, "I command you, come out of him and never enter him again." The spirit shrieked, convulsed him violently and came out. The boy looked so much like a corpse that many said, "He's dead." But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up. (Mark 9:25-27)

Bruce Carter went on to say ...
Jesus took the man's faith as weak as it was and he worked with it. And he'll do the same with us. He'll take our weak and imperfect faith and he'll work with us too. And thank God he does."

This father's faith was strong enough to bring him to Jesus. He believed that Jesus could help his son.

This father's response to Jesus really connected with me. He has given words to how I feel right now. This is where I am at today. "I believe, help me Jesus with my unbelief." Help me to trust your will, your provision, your care. Today.

While men have no faith, they are unconscious of their unbelief; but, as soon as they get a little faith, then they begin to be conscious of the greatness of their unbelief." (Charles Spurgeon)


  1. Brad - how well said. Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone in my believing unbelief!

    I appreciated also your response on the blog slightly sarcastic.

    I get so discouraged with religion/people and find that they are the MOST distracting things in my relationship with God. I am very thankful my salvation is due 100% to Christ's death on the cross and 0% myself and religion. But it is distracting nevertheless.

  2. Wow Brad, I can relate to you perfectly. He has helped me overcome my unbelief so many times.

    He is our complete salvation.


  3. Wow..Brad..I can relate to this too.He is so patient with us!

  4. Salvation through Christ is possible for anyone right now through faith, but understanding everything about God is not. People have built religion to try and put God in a box so they can feel like they understand it all.

    Religion is about rules, organization, power, & control. Faith is about a relationship with our creator.

    Stephanie M, you are so right, salvation comes through the sacrifice of Christ at the cross not rules or a religious system. Not even a little bit of this or that but 100% Christ. The debt has been paid in full at the cross.

    Perhaps in some way the distractions of religion and people who want to put God in a box provides us a clearer understanding of what God is not. Perhaps these things can instead of distract us, focus us on Jesus, his life, his actions, and his sacrifice.

    Thanks Stephanie M. for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Thank you Sid and Sini Saju for commenting. I am so encouraged to know that others have similar experiences.

    The Body of Christ is more 'one' than any one of us can see in this life and I am always encouraged when I see a small glimpse of that. Sometimes in our own little worlds we forget that believers thousands of miles away in very different cultures have the same faith as you, the same Savior, the same King. We are one in Christ! peace & grace

  6. Having our beliefs all figured out and concretely in place can be a dangerous place. This father's statement means that he needed Jesus to fill in the blanks, to divinely place him where he needed to be where his flesh could take him. I have found that my flesh only wants to believe in the warm fuzzy feel good gospel, not the "I am not my own," "You will be persecuted" gospel.

    Great writing. Thanks for blogging.

  7. After standing on the Word of God which is the truth concerning my marriage for 13yrs+ now, my faith seems like its wondering not quite wavering, wondering if His Word will ever come to pass! And so Lord, I still believe Your Word re my marriage, however, please help my unbelief due to the span of time that has passed. Your Word will never return to You void but it shall accomplish that which You O Lord pleases & prospers in that which it was sent! I stand on Your Word of truth, I believe, Jesus help my unbelief!
    Thanks Brad for sharing-its encouraging & reassuring-definitely, no matter how long my expectation of His manifestation, He will still work with the faith I yet have left!

  8. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    I thank God that this is here. I have been studying God's word for years and have found great discrepancies between what it says and what I've heard preached in many different places. My desire as a Christian is to present Christ truthfully to everyone that I encounter but I have deep sadness about what "religion" has done to the church image and wonder if others will believe. And can little old me actually make a difference? I've read about it in the bible but have seen scarce occurences in this life. I DO believe that it is possible but how? How do I get out of the way and let God inroduce Himself properly and better than I could ever do? Am I going crazy or am I really hearing Him? I also need help with my unbelief...

  9. Im am looking for unbelief in my life -- not to root it out, but to confess it and recognize it. By doing so, it allows God to come in and change me...


  10. this past year i have been so decieved by my own flesh and mind ( satan must just love it, he has to do nothing and our own being, flesh diverts us from GOD )
    anyway GOD never lets us go ( this i so truly know now as i type this - however i will and am paying heavily for this { my selfish sinful decisions this past year } however not paying for it as much as i should .... GOD ELOHIM is still so loving and merciful !!!!

    yes this situation may seem so cliche, but i run three businesses ( nationally and internationally and in an insane selfish decision / moment( greed pride and arrogance ) NOT remembering that GOD had given me all this for HIS Glory and Honour and to be a good steward truly thought the one new business would make me millons of $$ in a short while this past year( every carnal business mans dream ) so extreme sinful greed set in and i eventually lost touch with all areas of my life in regards to my relationship with HIM our AWESOME Father GOD ...

    22 years of GOD blessed business almost down the tubes in a few months ....

    Now as i run back to our Loving Father, such dark doubt surrounds my belief in GOD's forgivness and restoration .... this i know is the enemy satan attacking me ( i have felt so crushed at times with this unbelief but i hold on to the belief i have )
    yes my selfish sinful self led me away from GOD and satan must have just laughed, he did nothing.... i, i, i, i did it all my way !!!but now as i run to GOD ... satan attacks me with this unbelief and doubt !~!!

    but i am resisting the enemy, and i truly can understand now why unbelief is the greatest sin and must make GOD so sad that HIS children doubt...

    i have written so much so will end now but hope that i can encourage anyone this day .... because truly as we Praise GOD in any hard broken messed up dabauched situation we have come into by our sin by BELIEVING all GOD's promises of forginess and provision { through CHRIST JESUS } HE is ever so ready { more than we can understand } to answer our honest prayers and total BELIEF in HIM ... ( and i have been praying and praying FATHER i believe but forgive me for my unbelief !!!) for what HIS LIVING WORD says is true .... and HIS Covenant last forever with HIS children .... and thats you today as you read this.... we love YOU and thank YOU Almighty God ELOHIM ... Lord JESUS amen

  11. I believe, help ME Jesus w/my unbelief~~The Word just doesn't leave ANYTHING out, does it?? Thank you Jesus for giving us so much~your Word truly does NOT come back void :)

  12. Help my unbelief! that's my one cry....

  13. Thanx Brad....
    Pray for me frnds,...

  14. thanks Brad..this really helped me clear a lot of questions and doubt in ma head....God bless you and increase your strength..

  15. i believe in Jesus
    as i Love to God

  16. Praise God for this truth, that we are not cast away, yet picked up and washed off. We need to learn to be honest with our unbeliefs/ doubts with four audiences: (1) people we're witnessing to (2) people we fellowship with/ loved ones (3) ourselves, and (4) God.

    I have learned this while crying out to God to take these things away and restore me. Like David in Psalm 51 (and many, many others): "Restore my salvation!" We may wander, we may stumble, but grace is always there because the Father never leaves those who are His. In fact, it brings to question whether or not we were even gone. Sometimes the enemy throws a dark blanket over us, sometimes while we're already in a valley. We must learn to be still and have faith, leaning on what we already know. I've forgotten this many times, but God will always help if we just cry out. "Those who call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved." We're all like this man with the boy, and we're all like Peter and Thomas. Thank Jesus we're not perfect because he is. Jesus, I believe; help me in my unbeliefs.

  17. Praise the LORD JESUS for people being honest and true about their doubts and unbelief. We must worship GOD in SPIRIT and in truth. That is also how we must come to him. I believe that GOD's grace is sufficient and HE will help the unbelief of all who confess it and ask HIM to help them. Praise the LORD JESUS!

  18. Please help me Lord. I am lost and small. My Faith falters and I want to be true. I have sinned and don't want to hurt the people I love. Please help me with my unbelief. Help the ones I love. I pray to you


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