As humans we are limited by the world we live in. We are limited by time and space. We are limited by our own failings. As a result we often put our own human limitations on God. Perhaps not deliberately or consciously, but because we live in a box with limited views, we tend to pull God down into that box and relate to him like he is trapped in our box. Yes we have a few holes here and there that we can look through to get glimpses of eternity. God is not in the box. God is not confined by time and space and can see the past, present, and future all at once. God is not limited by this world.

More and more my prayer is that I will look through the lens of eternity as much as is possible from my box. God's eternity. The eternity he has spoken about in his words to me. The Word. God's eternity that is shown in Christ. Not my temporary little holes.

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The photo above in this post is an Untitled Photograph by josef.stuefer, on Flickr


  1. Thanks Brad for the encouragement on our last update. I love your website. I look forward to reading some back entries.
    Thanks for the prayer about the stolen money- we recently had it reimbursed! Praise God.

  2. love your site, and love the truth that is spoken here. Nice to blog meet you brother.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog at http://ourdailycrumb.blogspot.com/2008/08/b.html. Please come on over and pick it up :)

  4. Lucy LopezAugust 20, 2008

    What a lovely blog...I feel a sense of peace and expansiveness...Thank you! Lucy

  5. Excellent artwork. Keep it up.

  6. wow.. very nice post.. :) I like the photo too.. :)


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