Just a little introduction of who I am. I really want to keep this simple, but give an accurate idea of who I "think" I am. Just keep in mind my perception and ability to write it down may not produce something that is completely accurate, but I guess that goes without saying. If I was really brave and honest I would give this task to my wife and teenage daughters. But I probably couldn't handle that much truth at one time about myself ... yet.

I was born in Arizona, went to High School in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, College in Philadelphia for Architecture, and now live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with by wife and two daughters. I work as a Project Manager and Architect designing various community buildings such as nursing homes, churches, schools, banks, and local municipal facilities. I enjoy my career.

I love to design and create things. Most of my hobbies seem to be related to design. I enjoy creating websites and have created several in addition to this blog. I also love music, cooking (mostly on the grill), the outdoors, camping, and fly fishing.

If you have spent anytime reading this blog you probably have discovered I believe Jesus is Lord, the very Son of God. I believe the Bible is the very words of our Creator God the Father written down for us so we can know God personally and understand his plan for all of history.

I am currently slowing down and learning to listen to God in the Word and respond in prayer while attempting, when I am able, to put my thoughts into words on my blog.

These days I am enjoying great fellowship with others at Valley View Community Church in Audubon, PA.

... more to come [I plan to come back every so often to add more here, so check back as you have a few moments]
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  1. Brad Thanks for all your comments about your desire to spend time with the LORD. I volunteer at Scripture Union and work with Whitney who wrote both books. Exciting to see you are now doing the Essential Jesus. We have a quarterly Bible guide that has similar readings and goes through the Bible in 5 years....and has been great for me as it seems each day when I read it,there is an answer to a prayer or praise for that day. my e-mail is if you want to talk more Blessings Bruce

  2. Hello my name is Paul, I was really struck by your website and you. I was wondering if you would be interested in fundraising our "Yes We Can" wristbands to help spread the word. (I am sorry for posting a comment on this page, I didnt know how to contact you.) Please contact me if you can help, Thanks

  3. Brad,

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. I've enjoyed looking around your site and will be back often. God bless !



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